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Digitization is more exciting than ever before. With each one of our projects, we make companies smarter, faster, more digital. Together, we support our clients in developing their digital strategy, enabling them to exploit the opportunities provided by new technologies. Our passion is present in every line of code, every strategy workshop, and every single consulting project.

Are you just as enthusiastic about new technologies as we are? Is providing clients with trusted support something you are passionate about? Then start your IT career in Saarland and join our team. Help us to make the world more digital with your experience and the latest software. Discover the wide range of opportunities for professionals, graduates, and students & trainees at Data One.

Development & constant learning

Our aim is to always be at the forefront of change. For this reason, Data One offers a sophisticated training program for all employees. Everyone is free to choose what will benefit their own development the most – from internal training to external workshops and attending conferences; anything is possible. Our commitment to using modern formats extends to our internal operations, for example, our exciting “think digital BarCamp” that is held every year.

Kids AND career

We are proud of our many Data One kids,and especially of their parents, who, between romper suits, finger paint, and homework, still manage to pull off outstanding IT projects! We make it possible to achieve this balance. With our childcare subsidy, flextime, and flexible arrangements for working from home, we can always find a solution (and most of our managers have first-hand experience of being a parent). We also regularly invite the little ones to visit us,for example for Easter egg painting or baking cookies.

Your daily challenges

We implement complex and demanding IT projects, often committing to breaking entirely new ground or approaching things with highly innovative methods. Our experts also participate in activities such as hackathons together, where they consistently claim successes. Furthermore, we have internal innovation task forces that constantly take on new challenges.

Team time

We always have time for each other and for this reason we eat together every lunchtime, have a barbecue on the roof terrace in the evening, have our four o’clock beer once a week, cook together on Fridays, enjoy team events, special events and games evenings … not to mention our Data One summer festival, and our little joint celebrations for carnival season, Christmas and various other events.

For me, Data One is the perfect employer. Every day, I work

on exciting projects with complete flexibility, as part of a great team!

Hannah Lehmann | Senior Marketing Manager


School pupils & students

Do you want to be actively involved in projects? Acquire valuable practical experience as part of training or during your studies. Data One offers school pupils and students a diverse range of opportunities: from a classic internship to an entire practice-oriented semester, to training, part-time study and thesis work.


Data One has a career ladder waiting for you. We offer an individual induction and training program and prepare you for exciting IT projects. As a full member of the team, you will support our project team from day one. Projects full of variety, diverse teams, and our innovation task forces give you the perfect start.


Has the time come for new challenges? Contribute your experience and your passion as a professional at Data One. With our onboarding program, we will quickly integrate you into the company and make your introduction run smoothly. All options are open to you: from management to subject specialist positions.


Discover the opportunities at Data One!

Become part of the Data One family: look for vacancies in our portal that interest you and match your skills. If you enter a little information about yourself in our portal, we’re sure to find something together!

We’re always on the lookout for all types of people – because it’s the only way to bring together the amazingly diverse and uniquely special mix of characters that make Data One what it is. See for yourself!


Karriere IT Saarland
Our passion

The perfect opportunity for technology enthusiasts: an IT career in Saarland

With digitization, the world is facing major challenges, as installing new software is only part of the story: companies also need digital strategies with vision. And we need bright minds, who are excited about the vast possibilities of a technology-driven future. After all, visionary innovation consulting is much more than facts, figures, and razor-sharp analyses: it also relies on the passion of our developer and consultant teams. We are all about IT careers based in Saarland – and give experienced computer scientists, graduates, students, and apprentices alike the chance to help make the world that little bit more digital. No matter what vision each individual has for their personal development, we provide the perfect framework for any Saarland-based IT career:

    • For school pupils and apprentices looking for practical experience in their first IT jobs
    • For graduates looking to start their career after completing their studies
    • For professionals wanting to make great strides in their career with experience and fresh ideas
Careers at Data One

Careers and advanced training in the IT sector

Basic and continuing training are part of our corporate culture – we create the foundation for an IT career in Saarbrücken that includes learning as a major factor in your personal development. This is why our internal training culture includes both a trainee program for technology enthusiasts starting their IT career as well as training for our professionals. As part of an extensive range of training options, our employees can choose from internal training, external workshops, as well as attending conferences and seminars, according to what best suits their professional development.

We support IT careers in Microsoft, SAP, and other future-oriented areas

For IT professionals wanting to broaden their horizons, we offer four main areas of career development:

  • Digital Innovation
  • SAP
  • Microsoft
  • Business Intelligence

Together with our employees from HR Development and the relevant specialist teams, we put together individual development prospects. Whether as managers or subject experts, we work together to help our clients keep their processes and technological infrastructures up to date.

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