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360° innovation consulting for businesses

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We love the future! Do you also look forward to the years ahead with confidence and optimism? In early 2019, only 17% of Germans were able to say they were*. Increasingly, the future is something people are projecting all their worries onto – and the resulting lack of certainty has a paralyzing effect. We must do something to counteract this development, as one thing is for sure: while the future has a lot to offer, action is needed.

Our experts can share their vision for business 2030 with you. They can show you how we will live and work, what products will be part of our day-to-day lives, and what technologies we will be using. On this basis, we can help companies of all sizes to position themselves for the future and detect new potential early on.

There are three areas that, instead of developing in a linear way,

will experience rapid exponential growth in the future:

Digitalization people & culture

People & culture

Innovative products

Products & services

Digital technology


With the changing values of employees and consumers and the potential of emerging technologies, we already have sufficient information to start addressing the findings of futurologists today. Proactive behavior enables businesses to adjust in due time to a world where being one step ahead, ultimately having a lead time advantage, gives companies a vital competitive edge.

The consulting experts of our Digital Agency can highlight individual future developments for you from the three areas of people & culture, products & services, and technology. It is high time for you to release your pioneering spirit and make your company fit for a digital future.

Introducing our Digital Agency!

Our Digital Agency at Data One has taken this development on board. Our experts offer businesses comprehensive innovation consulting that covers all three areas. This enables us to help you push ahead with digitization in your company in a way that is sustainable and profitable.


Digitale Innovationsberatung
Digital Innovation

Innovation consulting: proactively turning a need for action into usable potential

Innovative spirit and company success are two concepts that are inextricably linked. But despite all the opportunities that are opened up by fresh ideas and a business being open to development, innovation brings with it numerous challenges: in technology in particular, we have seen things move at breakneck speed; an enormous amount of work is needed to handle the disruptive force of digitization. Many organizations are overwhelmed by the deluge of constant new solutions and application scenarios – farsighted innovation consulting therefore provides valuable support when it comes to being proactive and paving the way for real innovation.

Consulting for businesses

Digital innovation consulting with three key areas

Visions are driven by change. The future will see many ground-breaking innovations at a technological level. To make full use of their potential, innovation must be seen as both strategic and part of the corporate culture. Comprehensive digital innovation consulting keeps its sights on all the relevant factors. After all, there are three areas that will experience rapid exponential rather than linear growth:

  • People and culture
  • Products and services
  • Technology

Smart innovation consulting understands today what developments will arise from this triad tomorrow. It thus gives businesses valuable support in pushing ahead with their digitization in a way that is sustainable and profitable.

Future & trends

360-degree innovation consulting for a confident outlook

The tasks awaiting management in German companies in the years to come are complex. Tasks that must be approached with intelligent strategies and comprehensive innovation consulting if the company is to maintain an optimistic outlook. After all, it is often not the technology that makes modernization projects fail, but cultural resistance within an organization. Forward-thinking innovation consulting for businesses supports the required cultural changes. It is also a valuable source of help when it comes to developing a suitable approach to integrating new technologies. Furthermore, by working together, innovation consultants and managers are able to develop working methods that exploit the benefits of digitization to the full.

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