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Drees & Sommer SE is on the „Path to digital HR“

SAP SuccessFactors Compensation at Drees & Sommer SE

Modern Compensation Management: Customized, Viable for the Future & Flexible

One Building Block
on the
„Path to Digital HR“

On the way to reach a digital HR department, the smart remuneration management with SAP SuccessFactors Compensation is a new milestone for Drees & Sommer. By virtue of the complete integration into the existing system environment and a consistent look & feel, both managerial staff as well as HR employees profit.

Organizational Structure

In accordance with the new matrix structure, our experts develop a customized rights and roles concept for SAP SuccessFactors Compensation. On this basis, both national as well as international companies have been optimally integrated in the new remuneration workflow.

Mapping of
Pay Scales

The integration of the market-oriented salary structures (in the form of pay scales) within the system is a great help to the managerial staff. On this basis and thanks to the clearly defined workflow, supervisors can make quick, objective and well-founded decisions for salary adjustments and bonus payments.

Keeping an Eye on Salary
Adjustments & Bonuses
at all times

All things come together in the HR department: the modern system setup ensures a transparent real-time view of the future remuneration and bonus payments. At the same time, significantly less effort for preparation and post-processing of the pay negotiation rounds as well as better data quality and clear workflows make for a faster and simpler remuneration process.

Drees & Sommer
Dress & Sommer

Drees & Sommer SE is the innovative partner for consulting, planning, building and operating. As a leading European consulting, planning and project management company, Drees & Sommer has assisted public and private builders and investors in all matters relating to real estate and infrastructure for more than 50 years. Around 4,000 employees at 46 sites across the globe assist clients from diverse industries in interdisciplinary teams.

«SAP SuccessFactors Compensation helps us to map all things relating to remuneration at Drees & Sommer in a progressive approach. The adapted software application is ideally suited to map the workflow process in pay negotiation rounds as agreed with the management board.

The integration of our market-oriented salary structure (pay scales) helps our managerial staff to make objective decisions for salary adjustments and bonus payments.»

Martin Hofferberth | Drees & Sommer

SAP SuccessFactors Compensation at Drees & Sommer SE

Overview of the Project

On the “Path to Digital HR”, SAP SuccessFactors Compensation is an important milestone for Drees & Sommer SE, which raises the annual remuneration and bonus process to a new level. The objective is structuring a modern remuneration system, which is oriented on values in line with the industry, for example, by means of pay scales. In addition, the implementation results in a standardized HR process and system environment for the users. The look & feel integrates seamlessly into pre-existing modules of SAP SuccessFactors (Employee Central & Learning) and offers a consistent, familiar user interface.

Following a reorganization internal of Drees & Sommer, the newly created matrix structure had to be mapped and all users needed to be authorized flexibly based on codes such as the business site and sub-division.

Data One implemented this in SAP SuccessFactors Compensation in the form of a customized rights concept and standardized workflow. Both for the national as well as the international companies of Drees & Sommer, this resulted in a noticeable simplification of this key process.

SAP SuccessFactors Compensation renders several benefits for Drees & Sommer: The individual manager is supported in making a decision on a possible salary adjustment and the performance-based bonus. At the same time, a complete overview of the future remuneration and bonus payments is provided for HR at all times. Standardized processes reduce the complexity here and lower the administrative effort. Drees & Sommer is thus also ready for future developments, and it has found a long-term viable solution in SuccessFactors.

Starter package

Starter Package SAP SuccessFactors Compensation

Are you looking for a remuneration tool by means of which you can pay your employees not only a fair wage but also a salary adjusted to their individual performance? Set the corner stone of a smart remuneration management for your talents based on the progressive cloud solution by the market leader. Simply choose the starter package that suits you and get started soon with the tried and proven HR processes. Profit from full cost transparency, a fixed go-live date and our many years of experience as SAP SuccessFactors implementation partner.


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