Litmos at MAHLE Aftermarket

External training portal for automotive experts

Smart Training Portal for External Customers

MAHLE Aftermarket trains external service partners, repair shops & distribution partners by means of Litmos

Training external
partners quickly & easily

Owing to Litmos, MAHLE Aftermarket trains its external customers in a modern way and manner in all aspects of the product range and future topics of the automotive industry. The system is completely independent from internal HR processes and systems.

Automatic certificates &

The learning system has an integrated certification feature. In addition, this certification for certain contents can also be provided with a validity period and a date for a corresponding recertification.

Smart course &
knowledge offers

To align learning contents ideally to the target group, a classification into different “learning teams” is made directly upon registration. These teams will determine the visible training contents in the content library of the respective target group.

Generating customized
SCORM files

Thanks to the content author tool of Litmos, MAHLE Aftermarket is able to not only generate customized and form-fit SCORM files but also design them dynamically – quite easily without isolated applications.


MAHLE is an internationally leading development partner and supplier of the automotive industry, as well as a facilitator and technology driver of next-generation mobility. The MAHLE Group holds the claim of making mobility more efficient, environmentally friendly and convenient by further optimizing the combustion engine and pushing ahead with the use of alternative fuels, while simultaneously laying the foundation for the broad acceptance and superregional introduction of electric mobility.

«Thanks to Litmos, we can always keep external staff up to date with the latest state of knowledge.

Data One has provided us with very good support on this road, and it has configured the system precisely according to our requirements and wishes – from processes to design.»

Tamara Waldmann | MAHLE

Simple sharing of automotive expert knowledge thanks to Litmos

Overview of the project

As a global automotive supplier, MAHLE cooperates with numerous external automobile experts in the aftermarket business segment, including repair shops, wholesalers, service partners or experts. Of course, their training in the handling, installation, maintenance or servicing of components is decisive for a successful cooperation. For this reason, MAHLE Aftermarket has decided to create a modern learning management system exclusively for external staff and to fill it with valuable knowledge.

In the provision of learning contents, for example, in the form of live online training sessions or practical training, it was also important to MAHLE Aftermarket to make high-quality e-learning content available to the learning participants. The mighty Litmos content author tool meets this requirement with its intuitive and effortless feature to create customized SCORM files directly in the system. Besides this, the system also has a certification feature so that all those who have completed training will automatically receive a confirmation of participation or a certificate upon completion. If certifications are for a limited time, the Litmos system has an additional integrated feature for time-staggered recertification, which is particularly important to MAHLE.

To make the right learning contents available to the right users, the participant is assigned to an appropriate team after registration.
The team determines firstly what learning contents are displayed to the participant. A participant who is, for example, a repair shop team member, will therefore only see the training contents in the content library that are relevant to them. Secondly, a direct attribution can also be made by the teams. This way, the corresponding training contents are not only displayed to the training participant but they are also firmly assigned to them. The learning contents then appear (if applicable, even with a deadline) on their dashboard for completion.

It was likewise important to MAHLE Aftermarket to be able to offer not only free but also for-pay contents on the portal. To be able to implement MAHLE’s regular billing processes directly in the learning system, Data One has developed a customized billing process.

By virtue of the clear administrator view, MAHLE additionally gets important KPIs about the trainings. Automatic, predefined reports for trainings as well as the survey results about the individual courses ensure that better learning contents can be provided.

Beyond this, Data One has consistently implemented the MAHLE corporate design on the learning platform, for example, in fonts, color scheme, picture banners, etc.

The system has now been rolled out in the DACH region; availability in further languages as well as integration in Microsoft Teams will follow soon.

Litmos is used with the features for providing learning contents to external learning participants, course billing, certificate creation, recertification, learning team attribution and content recommendations.


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