Microsoft 365 at CityReha

Digital Patient Records & Lean Processes

Quick Access to Digital Patient Records thanks to Microsoft Office 365

Faster Processes & Increased Satisfaction of Patients at CityReha

Digital Patient Record

Thanks to the practice-wide outfitting with Microsoft Office 365 and digital terminals, diagnoses can be recorded on mobile devices, patient data can be collected and notifications can be sent to doctors easily.

Simple Scheduling

Digital scheduling reduces administration costs and saves time; appointments can be entered and managed directly from emails in the Outlook calendar.

Optimized Processes

The unified platform of Microsoft technologies forms the basis for optimized diagnoses and enables standardized processes.

Complete Data Security

Data security is a top priority for CityReha. Patient data are fully protected by the Microsoft Cloud Standards and protection according to German data protection guidelines.


The Saarbrücken Physiotherapy Center CityReha provides services related to health and well-being. In particular, these include the services of physiotherapy, medical training therapy and running analysis.

«The Microsoft Office 365 cloud solution enabled me and my team to better coordinate our patients' records.

We benefit from quality-assured processes and more satisfied patients.»

Dirk Mund | CityReha

Microsoft Office 365 at CityReha

Overview of the Project

The aim of the project was to optimize the coordination of patient appointments and to reduce administrative costs. It was to be made easier for physiotherapists to record important patient information in a mobile and flexible manner. CityReha also wanted to set a milestone in the digital age: a digital patient record.
Using Microsoft Office 365, CityReha was able to standardize existing processes and simplify collaboration in everyday practice. Appointments can now be easily integrated and managed in Outlook.

CityReha GmbH & Co. KG was able to optimize the coordination of patient appointments and successfully introduce a digital patient record with the introduction of Microsoft Office 365.

Experts in Interview
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Dirk Mund about Microsoft Office 365

What are the main reasons for CityReha to have digital patient records? How do patients accept these and how is data security ensured? Dirk Mund, Managing Director at CityReha, provided answers to the central questions dealing with the digitization of medical records in the facility.