Microsoft Office 365 at Fanomena

This Is How Teamwork Works in a Start-Up

Modern Collaboration thanks to Microsoft Office 365 at Fanomena

Increased Productivity in One Day


Emails, calendar and contacts are available synchronously on all terminals, and files can be easily edited by several users. The whole is complemented by fast and interactive communication.

High Degree of
Data Security

Data processing in compliance with GDPR, 99,9% financial guarantee of availability and the transfer and storage of data in accordance with the latest state of the art are the hallmarks of Office 365.

Mobility &

Whether in the home office or on business trip, with a computer or smartphone: with Office 365, Fanomena works securely regardless of location and can always access all important information.


The cloud solution convinced Fanomena with low investment costs, a fast go-live and low IT costs. Simple addition of users and services also ensures full flexibility.


Fanomena is an IT company based in Saarbrücken. Its core business is the development of cloud-based software solutions. The company currently employs 17 people at three locations in Saarbrücken, Berlin and Istanbul.

«With Office 365, we were able to optimize our collaboration in record time. We can communicate with each other independently and flexibly and have unrestricted access to relevant data.

That’s how modern collaboration works.»

Marc Grewenig | Fanomena

Microsoft Office 365 at Fanomena

Overview of the Project

As an innovative start-up, Fanomena wanted to get up and running quickly without spending time and money on a complex infrastructure. A tool with a cloud model was to be the solution to create a common technological basis for collaboration.
At the same time, a uniform communication platform was to be implemented to ensure cross-location teamwork and enable work using a central database.
Diverse and rapidly changing business requirements are constantly posing new challenges, especially for rapidly growing start-ups. Microsoft Office 365 offers exactly the flexibility and transparency that Fanomena was looking for in the cloud model. A unified platform integrates the right tools to enable collaboration and communication site-overlapping. The start-up was able to create an intuitive working environment with the help of Office 365 and the coordinated components it contains, such as SharePoint Online, One Drive and Skype for Business.

Thanks to Microsoft Office 365, Fanomena benefits from a proven collaboration platform from the market leader with full cost transparency, fast implementation and fully coordinated tools for seamless collaboration and communication.

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Marc Grewenig about Microsoft Office 365

What were the main reasons for Fanomena to select Microsoft Office 365? How was the start-up able to implement site-overlapping collaboration and communication in record time? In an interview, co-founder Marc Grewenig provides answers to the pivotal questions surrounding Microsoft’s collaboration platform.