Microsoft Dynamics CRM at saarriva

Number of Customers Doubled thanks to 360° Customer Perspective

Double the Number of Customers thanks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

saarriva benefits from a Smart Sales Process

Sales Process

saarriva was able to make the sales process from data collection to the creation of customer-specific reports faster, easier and clearer with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Real-time, one-click reporting and analytics provide greater transparency and faster decision-making, minimizing reporting and increasing productivity.

360° Overview of

saarriva focuses on good service quality and customer satisfaction. Thanks to the modern CRM system, saarriva gets a 360° overview for high-quality, data-based decisions.

Data Security

Absolute data security and data storage in Microsoft data centers in the EU: with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, saarriva entrusts its data to cloud technology with a clear conscience.


As one of the largest mail service providers in Germany, saarriva specializes in optimizing mail delivery processes. More than 30 million letters are processed every year and reliably delivered to their destination. The brand “saarriva”, founded more than 10 years ago, belongs to BS Saar-Mosel GmbH, based in Saarbrücken, and is a subsidiary of Saarbrücker Zeitung Verlag und Druckerei GmbH.

«With the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, I and my sales team can again focus on our core business: the identification and implementation of optimization measures in the mailing process.»

Carsten Bender | saarriva

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online at saarriva

Overview of the Project

In the past, saarriva worked with manually maintained Excel tables, which involved a great deal of effort in lead time and opportunity management. Writing reports for management had become increasingly time-consuming for the sales manager. There was also uncertainty as to whether all sales opportunities were processed on time and in accordance with the set quality targets. The letter service provider needed a modern, future-proof CRM solution with which they could increase process quality, improve customer support and simplify reporting. In addition to investment security, the new system was to be flexible and integrate seamlessly into the existing Microsoft Outlook. Data security and data storage in EU data centers was an important requirement for saarriva.
The decision for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online was made in particular due to the intuitive user interface, seamless integration into Microsoft Outlook and the extensive reports that the sales manager can use and adapt independently. Data One convinced with its agile approach and already produced a system in the first workshop that was adapted to the needs of saarriva. The solution was completed in a second workshop based on experiences from a test phase. Compared to the previous year, saarriva was able to win twice as many customers thanks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, increase overall productivity and optimize process quality. Reporting work has been reduced by quickly available information and users benefit from uniform and prompted system support.

saarriva was able to make its sales process more efficient and increase productivity using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The newly acquired 360° overview of customers made it possible to double their number in one year.

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Carsten Bender about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Digitization in small and medium-sized businesses sounds like a mammoth project, but the success story of saarriva, one of Germany’s largest mail service providers, shows how digital transformation can succeed.