SAP SuccessFactors @ Stadtwerke Saarbrücken

Modern Candidate Experience & Shorter Time-to-Hire

Smart Recruiting thanks to SAP SuccessFactors

Digital Applicant Management at Stadtwerke Saarbrücken

Shorter Time-to-Hire

In competition for the best candidates, it depends on short response times and fast HR processes; SAP SuccessFactors significantly accelerates the entire recruiting process.

100% Transparency

Digital recruiting processes reduce administration costs and increase transparency between HR and specialist departments – from the requirements profile to the documentation of appointments and hiring.

1A Candidate Experience

The focus of Stadtwerke Saarbrücken (municipal utilities company) is on service quality and a modern candidate experience. For this reason, the application process for professionals is simple, transparent and mobile.

Go-Live within Weeks

Thanks to the proven starter package “SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting“, the test system was supplied within three weeks, so that the successful go-live followed after just three months.

Stadtwerke Saarbrücken

With approx. 1,000 employees, Stadtwerke Saarbrücken is one of the largest employers in the region and a reliable partner for the local economy. Its business areas include, for example, electricity generation, district heating, grid operation, swimming pools, but also water supply and public transport.

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«Thanks to SAP SuccessFactors, we can now find suitable candidates faster, get in touch with them better, and accelerate our recruitment process.»
Anna Keller | Stadtwerke Saarbrücken

SAP SuccessFactors at Stadtwerke Saarbrücken

Overview of the Project

The recruitment process of the Saarbrücken municipal utility was paper-based and involved a great deal of effort in the past. A digital HR management solution was needed to reduce this administrative overhead significantly. At the same time, it was important to simplify the application process and to provide the skilled workers with a modern candidate experience – especially on mobile terminals. Thanks to SAP Success Factors Recruiting, the municipal utilities company is now able to digitally display the entire application process, design target group-specific career pages and easily document interview dates. Stadtwerke Saarbrücken is now one step ahead in competition for the best candidates, including thanks to clever recruiting processes, shorter response times and standardized, digital processes. The simple and mobile optimized application process, the customized career page and the improved service quality among applicants ensure a noticeable strengthening of the employer brand. At the same time, SAP SuccessFactors creates more transparency and also provides more freedom to invest in identifying talented candidates or modern sourcing strategies. As a result, the time-to-hire could be reduced and the candidate experience improved.

Thanks to the Data One starter package “SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting”, the municipal utilities company has benefited from proven best practices, a precisely defined scope of services, complete cost transparency and a fixed go-live date with a very short project duration.

Starter package

Starter package SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

This is how fast and easy it is to get started with Applicant Management 4.0. Rely on smart recruiting and a modern candidate experience with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting. Benefit from the tried-and-tested recruiting process, full cost transparency, a fixed go-live date and our many years of experience as an SAP SuccessFactors implementation partner.


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