SCHUNK relies on SAP Enable Now

Successfully pass on Knowledge – Quickly, Easily & Exactly at the Right Time

Smart Knowledge Management at SCHUNK

Knowledge Building on a New Level thanks to SAP Enable Now

Seamlessly Close Knowledge Gaps

SAP Enable Now enables employees at SCHUNK to close knowledge gaps ad hoc in their everyday work.
Learners receive the right knowledge content easily, quickly and exactly at the right time.

Innovative Learning & Training Options

Thanks to SAP Enable Now, SCHUNK now provides its employees with many different training options that are tailored exactly to their individual needs – from a central knowledge base to interactive learning opportunities.

Knowledge Base

As a central knowledge base, SAP Enable Now bundles the creation, management and distribution of learning content.
As a result, administrative expenses remain manageable, while all employees benefit from modern knowledge management.

In-App Support for Software

IT rollouts, updates and new software solutions – decisive knowledge is shared directly in the respective system with SAP Enable Now.
Not only does acceptance of new software increase, but employees are also more productive faster.


SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG from Lauffen/Neckar is an owner-managed German family business and global player at the same time. Founded in 1945 by Friedrich Schunk as a mechanical workshop, the company developed under his son Heinz-Dieter Schunk into a competence and global market leader for gripping systems and clamping technology.

«Working with the Data One team was fun, and

we are very satisfied with how our SAP Enable Now project was handled»

Melanie Fauser | SCHUNK

SAP Enable Now for SCHUNK

Overview of the Project

Already at the beginning of the project, the mission for SCHUNK was clear: to take knowledge management to a new level.
Learning should not be a detached foreign object in everyday work, but should fit in as seamlessly as possible and consequently make software rollouts significantly easier.

With SAP Enable Now, SCHUNK now enables employees to start learning exactly when ad-hoc gaps in knowledge occur. On this path to innovative knowledge management, Data One provides SCHUNK with holistic support – from consulting and implementation to the creation of templates and long-term support.

As a central platform, SAP Enable Now handles the creation, management and distribution of learning content. This makes it possible for SCHUNK to keep administrative expenses low and nevertheless enables employees to learn on their own initiative, flexibly and in a self-directed manner. SAP Enable Now supports a wide range of learning forms: Formal learning (e.g., providing traditional training documents), informal learning (such as sharing knowledge) and in-app performance support (all learning formats are context-sensitive where they are needed).

At SCHUNK, SAP Enable Now serves both as a central knowledge database and as a smart tool for direct learning support within third-party software thanks to desktop and web assistants.
Initially, the focus is on SAP GUI and the sales cloud, but BI and Excel knowledge are also to be passed on directly within the applications in the future.

Overall, the SAP Enable Now project at SCHUNK is characterized by particularly harmonious collaboration, in which the HR & IT employees of SCHUNK and the Data One consultants acted as a unit, which made the project successful and kept it on budget.

Beyond implementation, Data One also supported customizing, design adaptations, backend structuring, training content creation and management as well as content template creation.
In an on-site author training course, all questions regarding the preparation of documents were answered and valuable best practices were passed on, for example for the selection of the appropriate learning formats.

Thanks to SAP Enable Now, SCHUNK now provides its employees with a whole range of modern training options that adapt exactly to the individual needs of everyday work. IT knowledge is now passed on at SCHUNK simply, quickly, on-the-fly and at exactly the right time.


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