SAP Enable Now

Modern Knowledge Management for Increased Productivity

Optimum Performance Support for Your Users

Modern Management and Provision of Learning Content

Generate Smart Training Documents
With SAP Enable Now, you can easily export different learning content from a single training session record. For example, you can easily create virtual training courses, click instructions (including test mode), or documentation automatically.
Handy Knowledge
Make learning content available to your employees in a central knowledge database. You can flexibly combine content and make knowledge available to every learner in exactly the right level. At the same time, you can easily manage and update content.
Intelligent Management of Learning Content
Thanks to SAP Enable Now, content can be revised particularly easily, for example, with the help of partially or fully automatic new recordings. Thanks to the template approach, the layout can also be changed at any time or even transferred to a new design.
Context-Based & in-App Tools
Support your employees exactly where they need help: in complex software solutions. Context-based in-app support guides your employees through processes step by step and explains how the task works while running live in the system.
92% faster process documentation
62% fewer help desk tickets
73% faster process execution
70% reduction in training & support costs

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