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Do you want to be flexible when creating work spaces thanks to self-service while ensuring governance and a defined life cycle? Many companies that use Microsoft 365 face this challenge. This is where our solution for Microsoft 365 comes in.
The WorkspaceHub is self-service for delivering productivity services while combining the necessary governance and compliance with a simple and easy-to-use interface.

As a result, various services from Microsoft 365 as well as many other third-party services can be combined in the form of a workspace. This ensures that a group of people who come together to accomplish a particular task are always equipped with the right tools. With the help of templates and modules contained therein, the WorkspaceHub offers a wide variety of workspace configurations. For the creation of a workspace, only all the necessary information from the user is recorded and the creation of the workspace is initiated.

The creation is completely automated, so that the workspace is available to the creator and his team after a short time. All recorded information of the creator can be used in the entire provisioning process, so that the name of a workspace can always be assigned according to the same scheme, for example. Templates and modules are defined and provided according to the requirements of your organization.

For example, a template for a development project could always contain the modules “Microsoft Teams” for communication and document storage as well as “Github” for management of programming.

In addition to creating new workspaces, the WorkspaceHub also provides an overview of all existing workspaces and makes them easy to search for, sort and filter. Consequently, everyone always has a central point at which workspaces can be found and where you can also jump to the services contained therein.

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