IT for mobile service & maintenance
Simple, fast & transparent

Mobile maintenance & smart service with innovative SAP sulutions

Simple, quick access to all relevant data for your service technicians

Connected IT Systems

Link all your systems

Our solutions make it possible for you to connect all your IT systems individually and with complete flexibility. This means, for example, that your technicians benefit from the integration of their Customer Service / Plant Maintenance processes from the SAP EPR, S4/Hana or SAP Customer Experience systems.

On & Offline

Online & offline availability

Give your service technicians full access to all service-relevant data in any situation (such as stored machine and equipment information) and enable them to log working hours and used spare parts directly on site  – even offline if required.

Planning Board

Smart planning board & intuitive app

Make your service and maintenance processes simple and efficient. Simply use drag-and-drop to plan your deployments, thanks to the planning board, and provide your technicians in the field with all information for completing the assignment via intuitive mobile app.

Simple Documentation

Simple documentation

Log working hours directly on site? Record used spare parts directly on the assignment log and collect signatures digitally? SAP solutions eliminate the need for subsequent, error-prone paperwork and thus provides faster processes and greater data quality.

Movilizer Functionality

Independent hardware consulting & equipment evaluation

Our experienced experts can advise in the selection of suitable hardware, independently of manufacturers. We can work together to find the right devices for your individual requirements – from RFID tags to mobile computers for EX and non-EX zones.

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Mobile Maintenance & Servicing

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Digitale Wartungs- & Instandhaltungsprozesse mit Movilizer
Mobile maintenance

A boost for mobile maintenance: digitization drives forward maintenance efficiency

The quality of maintenance procedures has become a major economic factor for many companies. According to a study carried out by the consulting company BearingPoint, 51% of the companies questioned consider maintenance to be of high or very high importance. With this in mind, software and cloud-based solutions open up entirely new processes and application possibilities. Particularly in maintenance-intensive areas such as the automotive sector, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, and machine construction, digitization is proving to be a driving force for mobile maintenance.

Movilizer for SAP PM/CS

Mobile maintenance with SAP: quick, easy and transparent

The networking of machines, referred to as industrial IoT, creates the conditions for a far-reaching standardization and automation of processes – this is also relevant to the area of technical maintenance. The number of companies basing their stationary and mobile maintenance on digital structures and applications is increasing rapidly. There are many reasons for this. On the one hand, the competition in global and highly dynamic markets and the resulting cost pressure certainly plays a major role.


The positive side t0 digital transformation is the potential it holds for mobile maintenance thanks to lighter, smaller, and more robust hardware and user-friendly software. The SAP PM/CS system, for example, provides the required data foundation for service technicians to quickly and easily access all relevant data during a maintenance procedure. Thanks to the SAP solution, the documentation of mobile maintenance processes is also made so easy that important facts like working hours or spare parts requirements can be logged directly on site. This ensures maximum transparency from the outset.

IT seamlessly linked

Movilizer for SAP PM/CS: establishes the connection

The complexity of systems and machines is growing – and with it the demands on maintenance and on technical service colleagues. Movilizer for SAP PM/CS integrates all systems and data relevant for maintenance procedures across separate locations in one single mobile application, thus creating the conditions for service technicians to access required information from anywhere and at any time. Movilizer’s cloud-based service and assignment management also enables flexible control of maintenance assignments and workflows in real time. With Movilizer for SAP PM/CS, businesses benefit from:

  • the linking of all IT systems for flexible access on the road,
  • online and offline availability for full insight and logging of service-relevant data,
  • a smart planning board and an intuitive app for simple design of service processes, and
  • simple on-site documentation and reduction of complicated, paper-based follow-up work.

By using Movilizer for SAP PM/CS, companies make their servicing and maintenance processes mobile across company boundaries.

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