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Microsoft Azure

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Availability, performance, and scalability are vital for your infrastructure – as are time and cost savings in operations and management. More and more companies are successfully using modern cloud-based services to replace their data center or supplement it (hybrid cloud). We can advise you on how this can reduce your costs, increase availability, and offer your employees an efficient and productive workstation.

With Microsoft Azure Active Directory, you can rely on tried-and-tested technology to securely manage identities and access rights. With Microsoft Azure Backup and Microsoft Azure Site Recovery, we can supply reliable solutions for setting up, configuring, and transforming your data center so that your architecture is able to cope with current and future requirements.

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Azure Active Directory – cloud-based identity and access administration

Azure Active Directory is an extensive cloud solution for managing identities and access that offers comprehensive and solid functions for user and group administration. Azure Active Directory enables you and your employees to access local applications and cloud applications securely.

With the single sign-on functionality, your employees have cloud and on-premise access to web apps using the same login data.  For IT administrators, Azure Active Directory is an inexpensive, user-friendly solution for providing employees single sign-on access to thousands of cloud SaaS applications such as Office 365 as well as social media applications.

Simple and reliable backup of data with Azure Backup

Your company data and applications are available everywhere – on clients, servers, and in the cloud. With Azure Backup, you can protect your applications, including SharePoint, Exchange and SQL Server, files and folders, Windows Server, as well as Windows clients – regardless of their location.

Azure Backup provides data backup and recovery services in a scalable infrastructure that offers stability and high availability. The scalable solution protects your data and applications – without any investment costs and with very low operating costs.

Greater security with Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

With Microsoft Azure’s multi-factor authentication, you can provide additional protection for access to data and applications. The solution enables secure authentication via a series of simple verification options – phone call, text message, or message in a mobile app.

Available as an on-premise or cloud solution, multi-factor authentication is the perfect foundation for further securing access to services such as VPN or applications like Salesforce and Dropbox.

Disaster recovery with Microsoft Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery helps you to protect your data, applications, virtual machines, and websites in private, public, and hybrid clouds by having them mirrored. Whether your company is large or small, Azure Site Recovery has the advantage that your data does not need to be backed up in a second data center on your premises for disaster recovery, as it is backed up directly in Azure itself. The setup or maintenance costs of a second data center are thus no longer necessary. This saves you time and money.


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