Microsoft Office 365
The basis for modern collaboration

Microsoft Office 365

Productive cloud-based collaboration

Microsoft Office 365 provides a familiar experience on almost all devices and makes it possible for your employees to be equally productive in the office, at home, and while traveling. This means that teams can complete tasks faster and more efficiently regardless of where they are working – of course in compliance with professional security standards. Access trusted Office solutions such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint along with emails, calendars, appointments, and other IT services – flexibly, from any location, and on almost any device.

Exchange Online functions as an email server and SharePoint Online with OneDrive for Business offers a central location for storing documents. Network with your employees; share your knowledge and your ideas.

Solutions like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Yammer open up new possibilities for collaboration and setting up communities.

As an all-inclusive solution, Microsoft 365 also provides modern security management.

Office 365 applications

Trusted Office applications

Productive team communication

Productive team communication

Integrated applications Office 365

Integrated tools & applications

Mobile Work

Easy to use for work away from the office

Your introduction to Microsoft Office 365

Maximize potential with the Data One adoption service

Microsoft Office 365 offers more than just its well-known Word, PowerPoint, and Excel applications. Exploit the potential of Office 365 to the full and discover all Office products in the Data One Adoption Service. We will work with you to develop all the requirements needed for the best possible application in your business and show you and your employees how to get the most out of Office 365 – regardless of your industry or the size of your company.

Greater security thanks to Microsoft Secure Score

Your personal roadmap

Secure Score analyzes and rates the security of your Office 365 organization based on your usual activities and security settings. Create your personal roadmap with us to achieve your security goals. Microsoft Secure Score provides you with maximum transparency regarding your current security status within Microsoft Office 365.

“With Office 365 we were able to optimize our collaborations in record time. We are able to communicate with each other independently and flexibly and have unlimited access to relevant data.

This is how modern collaboration should work.”

Marc Grewenig | Fanomena

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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365: Independence for more productivity

Modern teams no longer work statically in the office from 9 to 5 – employees now access their projects from home, from the office, or even while traveling. This flexibility in terms of time and location not only has advantages for employees; it helps to boost productivity too. Once they are no longer restricted to one location, many tasks can be completed faster and even more efficiently. With its cloud-based suite Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft is offering an all-inclusive package that provides not only mature solutions but also high availability and maximum security.

360° business solution

A comprehensive solution portfolio for all requirements with Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise

With its Enterprise and Business applications, Microsoft Office 365 not only provides all Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Office tools plus Outlook’s calendar and appointment functions. The combination of SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business also offers a central location for storing documents. When it comes to where businesses store their entire knowledge, their ideas, visions, and plans, maximum security measures are called for. The risk of data becoming lost and ending up in the wrong hands is too great. The all-inclusive solution from Microsoft therefore comes with sophisticated security management. How companies can best use the extensive tools of Office 365 online and the corresponding security functions depends on the individual circumstances of the organization. With our adoption services, we provide practical assistance and advice for exploiting the potential of the Microsoft suite in an optimal and secure way.

Secure teamwork thanks to Secure Score analysis

On the basis of Microsoft Secure Score, IT managers, information security managers, and data protection officers can develop a future-proof roadmap for protecting internal company information and documents. The security strategy is created in four steps:

  • Analysis of current security situation
  • Score-based evaluation
  • Incorporation of knowhow and best practices
  • Creation of an individual roadmap for document security

With comprehensive consulting services, we support companies in developing their security roadmaps.

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