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How can you retain the flexibility of setting up workspaces via self-service but still ensure governance and a defined life cycle? Many companies that use Office 365 face this particular challenge. And this is where our solution developed for Office 365 comes in. The Workspace Hub maintains self-service for the provision of productivity services while combining the required governance and compliance by means of a simple and straightforward user interface.

This means that various services from Office 365 and many other third-party services can be combined in the form of a workspace hub. This ensures that a group of people coming together to accomplish a specific task are always equipped with the right tools.

With the help of templates and the modules they contain, the workspace hub offers a wide variety of workspace options. To create a workspace, the user only needs to collect any required information and initiate the creation of the workspace.

The creation process is fully automated, with the workspace being available to the creator and the creator’s team shortly after. All the information collected by the creator can be used in the entire provisioning process, so that, for example, the workspace name can always be assigned according to the same scheme. Templates and modules are defined and provided fully in line with your organization’s requirements.

A template for a development project could, for example, always contain the modules “Microsoft Teams” for communication and document storage and “Github” for managing the programming.

In addition to creating new workspaces, the Workspace Hub also provides an overview of all existing workspaces and makes them easy to search, sort, and filter. Therefore, each end user always has a central point for finding workspaces and can jump to the services they contain.


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