Microsoft Teams
Better collaboration and more productivity

Microsoft Teams – the new dimension to collaboration

Connect employees, files, and tools for greater productivity

Microsoft Teams is the complete solution for simple and modern employee collaboration. As a virtual workspace, Microsoft Teams is the perfect place for all your teamwork – fast, reliable, and available around the clock. The solution combines intuitive chat, phone, and web conference functions with the established Office 365 applications.

Your employees will always find exactly what they need for their projects here, pooled in one location – from document editing and comment functions and chat to the management and collection of tasks.

Microsoft Teams specifically adapts to suit your work: your employees can create new workspaces themselves in seconds and can integrate established applications from Microsoft or external providers such as Youtube, Trello, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Use this modern collaboration solution to lay the foundation for faster and better collaboration within your company. Your project groups will be able to work with greater productivity from any device and any location – and of course supported by the latest security standards.

Central location for teamwork

A central location for teamwork

Simple communication

Simple communication

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Seamless Office 365 integration

Security Microsoft Teams

Security, compliance & administration

Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams
Modern collaboration

Strengthening collaboration: working together well is the key to productivity

Numerous companies and organizations have moved away from their traditional, hierarchical structures and made space for more flexible collaboration structures. Teamwork has become a major priority everywhere. The reasons for this are quite clear: teams can be flexibly convened and deployed; they also enable individual skills to be incorporated in specific ways.


A good team is characterized by its innovation capacity and makes a significant contribution to company-wide productivity. But what makes a good team? The study “Secrets to a successful team” carried out by the online job platform StepStone showed that the way in which employees work together in a team is a decisive factor in a company’s success.

Microsoft Teams

Keeping communication channels short: Microsoft Teams creates modern workspaces

One of the challenges in designing team structures is ensuring that coordination and communication processes run as smoothly as possible – a task that can be highly demanding, particularly across various locations or even different countries. The solution: a powerful virtual collaboration solution that integrates all channels and applications needed for collaboration in an intuitive way. Microsoft Teams provides:

  • a central virtual location for all teamwork.
  • the necessary framework for simple and thus efficient communication.
  • seamless integration of collaboration with Office 365.
  • all requirements needed for adherence to security and compliance standards.
Teamwork for Office 365

Make the connection: collaboration with Office 365

The overriding principle of Microsoft Teams is simplicity: team members can access the collaboration environment easily and securely from any location and at any time. It is also possible to create new workspaces in virtually no time at all. By opting for Microsoft Teams, companies and organizations are able to rely on a sophisticated all-inclusive solution that enables not only multimedia dialog within teams but also the sharing, group editing, and trackable versioning of project-relevant documents. The combination of established Office 365 applications with chat, phone, and web conference functions creates the foundation for efficient collaboration – therefore enabling teams to do the best they can to achieve project success in the best possible environment.

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