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PowerShell scripts for Nintex Workflow

PowerShell scripts for Nintex Workflow with Data One 4 PowerShell

Create individual activities for Nintex Workflow quickly and easily

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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping

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Shorter project cycles

Data One 4 PowerShell is an additional action for Nintex Workflow that makes it possible to execute PowerShell scripts in the workflow. With this solution, you can, for example, easily automate administration tasks relating to your Windows Server or the management of virtual machines (either locally or in the cloud).

The PowerShell scripts are saved directly in the workflow and have full access to the SharePoint object model. For workflow designers with experience in PowerShell and SharePoint development, the Data One solution is the fastest way to create individual tasks for Nintex Workflow. Data One 4 PowerShell is perfect for rapid development, prototypes, proof-of-concept trials, and agile SharePoint development with the help of the PowerShell.


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Data One 4 PowerShell

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