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SAP Business ByDesign – the ERP system for SMEs

Company processes more simple, transparent, and secure than ever before

Central and mobile control of all core company processes? Perform process adjustment on the fly, without affecting ongoing business? With SAP Business ByDesign, you can successfully meet these challenges and ensure more transparency across the company with the ERP solution for SMEs.

Ensure seamless business processes – from financial accounting and personnel management to customer relationship management (CRM) and project management to purchasing, warehousing, and production – in a central solution with sophisticated reporting.

With SAP Business ByDesign, you can rely on an integrated solution and leave previous stand-alone solutions behind. Thanks to operations in SAP’s professional data centers in Germany, you also benefit from top security and the best scalability.

Our specially tailored packages for consulting companies, legal service firms, and for plant and special-purpose machine construction include additional sector-specific functionalities. We also support all our customers beyond their successful launch and provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of digitization.

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All processes in one central ERP system

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360° analysis and real-time financial control

SAP Cloud

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SAP Business ByDesign

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“With SAP Business ByDesign,

we can work efficiently and profitably

in all business areas.”

Dr. Marcus Plach | ERGOSIGN


Starter packages for consulting companies
Consulting companies and service providers should be entirely focused on their client projects. With “SAP Business ByDesign for consulting companies,” you can ensure seamless business processes, rapid and straightforward project billing, and financial control at the push of a button.
More on the packages …
Starter packages for consulting companies
Digitize the business processes for your client projects, beginning with proven processes at prices starting from €29,900, and get started with your ERP system in just three months.
Starter packages for plant engineers
With the help of SAP Business ByDesign for plant construction, you can create transparency across projects in complex plant construction assignments. Work even more efficiently thanks to smart supplier management, direct CAD integration, and simple budgeting for incomplete projects.
More on the packages …
Starter packages for plant engineers
Digitize your processes relating to complex plant construction projects and keep track of ongoing progress at all times. Start, for example, with the Basic package, at a fixed price from €33,900 after three months.
Starter packages for legal service firms
Create the foundation for a modern, connected law firm with “SAP Business ByDesign for legal service firms”. Benefit from smart mandate management, integrated file management, and a real-time overview of returns and profitability.
More on the packages …
Starter packages for legal service firms
Bring digital business processes to your law firm – benefit from our experience and opt for proven processes at prices starting from €29,900, and get started with your ERP solution in just three months.


SAP Business ByDesign Partner
Cloud ERP solution

Central and mobile: Maximum process transparency with SAP Cloud ERP

No matter how specific the challenges of individual sectors may be or whether you are a service provider, consulting firm or plant construction company, no one can afford compromises in the efficiency and profitability of projects. More than ever before, clients expect fast, flexible processes and teams that are familiar with agile work structures. The causes for this development are well understood: globalization of markets and digital transformation are putting many companies under pressure.

It is often the quality of the technical infrastructure that determines how much a company will benefit from current changes. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are therefore increasingly opting for general ERP systems that they can use to control their processes and resources securely and efficiently. The goal here is to minimize friction and maximize transparency. Sophisticated solutions like SAP Cloud ERP form the foundation for seamless processes in all relevant business areas.

The ERP for SMEs

Tidy processes: ERP system for small and medium sized businesses

Core business areas such as financial accounting, personnel management, and customer relations management as well as operative fields like project management, purchasing, warehousing, and production, have long been controlled separately. The consequence of stand-alone solutions and data silos that have grown over decades in many SMEs continues to be a lack of security, traceability, and scalability.

SAP Cloud ERP cleans up these risks to success and offers a central, fully integrated solution that supports process adjustments made on the fly, both on site and via mobile access. The detailed reporting of SAP Cloud ERP also makes it possible to view the project-relevant key figures at any time.

SAP Business ByDesign

Sector-specific solutions: SAP Business ByDesign

In addition to maximum security and high scalability, the SAP Business ByDesign system provides sector-specific functionalities for service providers, consulting companies, legal service firms, plant construction companies, and special-purpose machine construction companies. SAP’s fully integrated ERP cloud solution is flexible enough to create the required technical conditions for rapidly growing SMEs that need to respond promptly to stricter requirements in process and resource management. With SAP Cloud ERP and the tailored sector packages from SAP Business ByDesign, companies can:

  • control all business-relevant processes by means of a centralized system.
  • create transparency in all business areas.
  • carry out 360° analyses and real-time financial control.
  • ensure maximum security and compliance thanks to the SAP cloud.

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