Change management
Our modular service approach for your needs

Change management for digital businesses

Change management for digital businesses

Implementing new software – whether it’s Microsoft Office 365, SAP solutions, or something completely different – always involves the same problem: change. “Adoption” generally refers to how well users in an organization accept technical changes and work these changes into their daily routines.

User adoption is a critical factor when introducing new working procedures, working methods, or software. The greater the user adoption, the higher the return on investment. Adoption services can have a tremendous influence on the behavior of your employees and their willingness to embrace change. Involving your entire organization in rollouts makes everyone feel like part of the team and speeds up progress.

Technology Adoption Service

Adoption services for new technologies

Our service is made up of the various success factors and phases of a successful rollout. Lay the foundation for a good start and long-term success using new technologies within your company with our adoption service.

Lean Change

Lean change approach

We use the feedback-driven lean change approach for our adoption service, which enables us to respond flexibly to changes within the project. This means we not only manage the transition to digitization in general, but also respond to any issues as they arise.


Custom modular system

We can work with you to put together an adoption service tailored to your needs – depending on the particular phase of integration you are currently in and which change management modules your company needs.

Software agnostic

Software agnostic consultation

Regardless of whether you are rolling out Microsoft Office 365, SAP Success Factors, SAP Business ByDesign, or SAP S/4 HANA Cloud, or transitioning to a digitized culture, our adoption service is fully software agnostic and will support your employees in changing to new ways of work.

The real challenge in digitizing your company is not the technology itself,

but the level of acceptance from your employees.


Change Management Beratung
Change management

What does change management mean?

Change management refers to the planning of a transition phase from situation A to situation B with the aim of achieving a sustainable change within an organization.

The measures involved range from minor improvements and continuous adjustments of existing processes to radical interventions that bring about major changes in the organization strategy. Change management can involve dealing with existing developments or preparing for new ones.

Organization development is either provoked by changes in the organization’s environment, for example economic policy, legislation, or competition, or initiated by internal triggers, such as procedures, structures, persons, or events from within the organization itself. Active organization development aims to respond early on when adverse economic trends begin to emerge.

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