Smart Learning Management

Knowledge Sharing & Knowledge Transfer for Businesses

Working, Learning & Continuing Education become one

Standstill is not an option – not only do you want to continuously develop and qualify your talented employees, but they also want versatile and flexible further education and training opportunities. Optimally, these should flow seamlessly into everyday work, be transparent and available everywhere at any time.
Modern learning management solutions provide the basis for this. Together, we will find a Learning Management System (LMS) that fits your requirements exactly. Our experts take into account both your corporate structure and processes as well as the existing IT infrastructure.
Digital Continuing Education Planning
Work & Learn in One Step
Seamless Knowledge Transfer
Interactive Social Learning

SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management

Pave the way for the optimal development of all your employees. The SAP SuccessFactors learning module fits seamlessly into your HXM concept, while you keep track of your employees' learning successes at all times.

SAP SuccessFactors Learning

Best learning content with SAP Enable Now

Create and distribute high-quality learning content faster and better with SAP Enable Now.
Seamlessly integrated into everyday work, the platform provides knowledge content exactly where it is needed.

SAP Enable Now

Smart Trainings with SAP Litmos

Train Your Employees Easily, Quickly and Intuitively.
SAP Litmos is the lightweight learning management software that combines knowledge base, training administration and modern learning formats.

SAP Litmos

Knowledge transfer on-the-fly with LMS365

Provide your teams with valuable information directly in their familiar work environment: seamlessly integrated into Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

LMS365 is the integrated learning platform for Learning on-the-fly.

Social learning in Companies

Promote knowledge transfer among your employees and rely on social learning.

With modern platforms such as SAP Jam or Microsoft Yammer, you create the basis for a modern learning culture in your company.

Learning & Working in One Step

Learning by doing on a large scale – working and learning are increasingly merging.

Modern IT solutions such as SAP Enable Now, HappIT and LMS365 address this point and provide learning content directly on the spot.

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LMS 365

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