Use custom PowerShell scripts in Nintex Workflow

Optimize business processes 

Workflow customizing  

Rapid prototyping 

accelerated project cycle 

​​​​Data One 4 PowerShell ist a custom workflow activity for Nintex Workflow which allows the execution of custom Windows PowerShell code as part of a workflow. PowerShell scripts are stored directly within the workflow, granting access to the SharePoint server-side object model (SSOM). For developers skilled in PowerShell and SharePoint development, Data One 4 PowerShell is the quickest way to create custom-code activities for Nintex Workflow.

Re-use existing PowerShell cmdlets or easily create new PowerShell scripts for

  • management and administration of Windows Server / Active Directory, SharePoint, Exchange, and other Microsoft server products
  • configuration management of virtual machines
  • easy parsing of XML or JSON data

Data One 4 PowerShell is ideal for rapid development, prototyping, proof-of-concepts, and agile workflow development.

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Data One 4 PowerShell is available at $1,999 per web frontend server. Software assurance (technical support and access to minor updates) will be charged at the amount of $440 per web frontend server.

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