Modern Cyber Security Awareness Training

Activate Your Human Firewall

SoSafe Cyber Security Training

Achieving the highest level of cyber security awareness with minimum effort

Protect your company end-to-end from cyberattacks and create a strong security structure with SoSafe – the leading next generation cyber security awareness platform. The award winning platform trains your employees in virtual reality, using a fully automated, entertaining process, which verifiably reduces human security risks.

SoSafe offers an easy to manage e-learning tool with customized learning paths so that awareness becomes a fixed part of everyday work. The issue of cyber security is getting more and more important, as attacks are becoming increasingly professional, complex and more dangerous! A strong security culture is therefore an absolute must.

Smart Technology with Minimum Effort


Entertaining and descriptive learning contents that stay in people’s minds – storylines and charterers help the staff to fully and wholly identify with the training scenarios.

Phishing Simulations

Highly personalized spear phishing situations, including motivating learning pages that explain each scenario with descriptions.

Deep Gamification for more Motivation

Passing through levels, collecting badges and a summary of results for a motivating learning experience and lasting behavioral change.

Content Streaming

Automated provision of learning contents and instant updates directly into your LMS thanks to the SCORM streaming technology.

70% fewer clicks

Sustainably minimized vulnerability to phishing

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This is how you can promote cyber security awareness

By means of the phishing simulations, SoSafe creates transparency of the employees’ state of IT security. The solution simultaneously raises awareness for various kinds of cyberattacks by means of interactive e-learnings. The concrete implementation of all contents is assured by direct learning on the object – because nothing stays more in people’s minds than experiencing a cyberattack “the hard way.”
20 days to the go-live

Quick implementation by virtue of the managed services option

Smartes Reporting Security Awareness

Smart and fast reporting

A phishing report button seamlessly integrated into the email program ensures that employees can report a potential security incident immediately. If the email was a simulation, there will be positive feedback instantly, while the relevant offices at the company will be informed in the event of a real attack. This ensures a continuous improvement of the employees’ reporting behavior and minimizes the time until the incident is reported. On an interactive dashboard, the people in charge of security can get an overview of how security awareness has improved at the company – in anonymized form and in compliance with the GDPR.

Why should you count on cyber security training now?

Clear risk reduction
Human risk dashboard with differentiated analyses, including contextual data, technical and psychological KPIs as well as phishing report analyses.
Complete customization

Content and guidelines of the organization are integrated directly in the modules – with a number of branding and customization options to choose from (for example, color and logo).

Ready for audits
A dashboard out of which reports can be generated at any time for the purpose of audits, for example, according to ISO/IEC-27001 and TISAX.
100% GDPR-compliant

Full data privacy and regulatory compliance, all legal entities headquartered inside of the EU and a privacy-by-design approach.

80% fewer logins to fake websites

Continuous promotion of safe modes of behavior

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