Robotic Process Automation

Automate Routine Tasks, Relieve Staff Burdens and Increase Productivity

Nintex RPA

Next-Level Robotic Process Automation Technologie

From maintaining Excel spreadsheets to travel expense reporting: simple routine tasks are part of everyday life in every company. But they use up valuable time and resources that are subsequently lacking for more complex tasks. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps to automate such processes within a company. Software bots mimic human interaction with the user interface of individual applications. This enables you to perform routine tasks without the need for special APIs. All repetitive, rule-based and manual processes – from HR or finance to customer service and IT organization – are suitable for automation.

The Robotic Process Automation Tool Nintex RPA has hundreds of automation actions for working with Excel files, PDF forms and even SAP systems. Nintex relies on a no-code principle, which enables even operational employees to optimize and automate processes themselves. The intuitive solution and the citizen development approach ensure rapid value creation in the development of bot-controlled tasks as a result. The time-to-value is remarkable: initial results can be achieved within hours. A major advantage is that Nintex RPA does not require any special interfaces and can thus automate routine tasks in a large number of applications.

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