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Process Automation of the Next Generation

Digital Workflow Automation for More Efficient Business Processes

Teams in companies deal with thousands of individual tasks and process steps every day. Independent of the software solutions used, Nintex enables company-wide, modern process automation. As a basis for this, the workflow platform links people, departments and systems to defined processes within and outside your company. And with Nintex Connectors, you’ll enjoy seamless connectivity to many third-party systems, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Salesforce, Dropbox, and Yammer. Create custom, mobile-ready forms for SharePoint and Office 365 with Nintex Forms in just a few clicks or analyze process performance in detail with Nintex Insights, the tool for workflow analytics.

With the eSign product, you can obtain eSignatures and optimize processes before, during and after the eSign event. A wide selection of other tools such as App Studio or Document Generation also helps to optimize your specific business processes.

Simple Workflow Automation
Rapid Creation of Individual Forms
Overview of the Nintex Process Platform

Nintex Process Platform at a Glance

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Process Automation with Nintex

It’s that easy to better design, automate and accelerate your processes.

Nintex Process Manager

Create complete transparency and control over your business processes with Nintex Process Manager.
The process management software is a powerful business tool with which you can represent relevant processes of your company step by step. This makes it easier for your teams to work together.

Nintex Automation Cloud

The workflow automation software enables your employees to fundamentally structure and improve their way of working. Tasks are simplified, processes are accelerated and unnecessary manual work is avoided. Promote self-enablement in your company and design daily process chains in a future-proof manner.

Nintex Bot

Thanks to Nintex RPA, you benefit from the use of individual bots and automate routine tasks quickly and cost-effectively – all with the simplest possible operation. As a result, processes can be easily implemented and (re)structured.
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