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WorkspaceHub: Smart Management of Microsoft Teams

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Administration of Office 365: Getting rid of the Chaos in Teams

Set governance guidelines for Microsoft Teams by means of defined name conventions and general workspace lifecycles.

Automatically archive or delete inactive Teams so that your collaborators stay organized in Microsoft Office 365.

Modern Sales: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Planner & Teams

Due to the automatic creation of Microsoft Teams workspaces and default Microsoft Planner tasks, cross-team collaboration in Microsoft Dynamics 365 becomes even easier.

Based on a template, WorkspaceHub directly creates all workspaces when you close an opportunity in your Microsoft Dynamics system, links them with each other and automatically invites the relevant stakeholders.

Teamwork in Projects: Automated Project Creation

(Development) projects are often based on a similar setup: Microsoft Teams workspace, Github repository, project calendar and an ERP project for time tracking.

Automate the creation of the basic infrastructure and avoid unwanted overhead. At the same time, you can populate your workspaces with standard content such as tasks, documentation templates, sprint review meetings and much more.

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Governance & Compliance for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Management