Digital Process Management

Transparency across all processes

Modern management and targeted optimization of
business processes

Our solution for all issues of digital process management

Modern businesses process management leads enterprises along the way toward a process-oriented organization. Innovative low-code software solutions provide targeted help to detect repetitive processes in enterprises, to manage and automate them and optimize them by means of targeted analysis features. An integrated Digital Process Management brings together people, applications, devices and information in a company and thereby creates an agile organization that is viable for the future.

The reasonable use of Digital Process Management is an absolute must for businesses that want to keep up with the economic and technological speed of the market. Those who want to gain an advantage in the tough competitive environment will not be able to bypass this technology.

The benefits of using of organized Digital Process Management with providers like Microsoft or Nintex are tremendous: Working time is saved, human errors minimized, transparency created and costs reduced. The comprehensive automation of processes cannot replace any full-time positions or the involvement of your employees, but it can provide targeted and long-term relief for your workforce.

In sum, Digital Process Management is a trendsetter and factor of success for the safe further development of your company. Our teams will advise you and assist you personally and holistically based on different underlying technologies – for more efficiency and user satisfaction in the future.

Digital process management at a glance

Less effort,
lower cost &
less data loss
Raised productivity
fewer manual tasks
Optimized workflows
relief for the staff
More self-enablement
and better
employee experience
76% of the companies emphasize

that smart process automation improves the agility of their company.

Smart processes

Finding, mapping and managing processes the user-friendly way

It has never been easier to identify and visualize recurring processes. With Nintex Process Discovery and Nintex Process Manager, relevant business processes can be detected across the whole company and mapped for all process participants in an easily readable format. For this purpose, process data is gathered mechanically and used for process mapping in order to identify acute process faults in the value chains. Whether low-code principle or BPMN notation – you will create company-wide transparency and understanding for your processes.

Automating processes and raising productivity

Once relevant business processes with automation potential have been discovered and mapped, it is then important to manage them as productively as possible. In this effort, integrated automation tools by e.g. Nintex and Microsoft fundamentally help. The low-code solutions help you to optimize your processes through automation and consequently secure the efficiency and long-term satisfaction of your staff. Whether with the Microsoft Power Platform or Nintex Automation – together with you, we will find your custom-fit solution that provides relief for everyone in your company.

Smart automation with robotic technologies

The Robotic Process Automation software technology lets you eliminate efforts for repetitive tasks in your business routine and thus realize one more step toward the digital transformation. In the process, software robots are used, which imitate human action with specificity and thereby handle the interaction with systems and software without interference by employees. Thanks to the use of software like Nintex RPA or Microsoft Power Automate, routine tasks can not only be processed fast and cost-efficiently but also with a lower susceptibility to error.

Monitoring and optimizing process data

Measure the efficiency of your workflows with tools for business process analysis such as Nintex Analytics. The tool offers you insights into the performance of your previously automated business processes to round off the step toward digital process automation. You can monitor, measure and analyze as well as constantly optimize the performance of your workflows at all times. Discover the data-controlled trends and enable proactive and instant responsiveness to existing grievances in your business management process.


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