Digital Innovation Management

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Digital Innovation Management

A Digital Platform takes Your Ideas to a New Level

Promoting innovation in companies is not a short-term project, but a well-organized process in which you are constantly faced with new challenges.
For example, there are different levels of innovation maturity in companies that need to be considered holistically and organized properly. It is important to formulate a concrete vision and innovation strategy at the beginning and to communicate it officially before a transition to a digitized innovation process can be initiated.

Because if you introduce innovation software without a clearly communicated intention, a high level of commitment is not to be expected. A digital and standardized innovation process therefore requires preliminary work, but is clearly desirable and profitable. In this way, you transfer the responsibility for innovation to each individual employee and strengthen both the sense of community and interdepartmental collaboration.

Diversity always results in increased quality of ideas. By carrying out the process in a consistent and transparent manner, you benefit from efficiency and a high level of commitment. Those who establish innovation management culturally and technically not only achieve innovative solutions, but they also secure their future-proof and, above all, autonomous innovative strength.

Standardized Process

End-to-end, from idea generation to evaluation and implementation, your innovation process is structured, automated and thus professionalized. Ideas are no longer lost in day-to-day operations.

Knowledge Management

The knowledge of all employees is spread throughout the company. Innovation is made possible by employees with different knowledge reasons can express their views on issues across departments.


Commenting and liking on the platform enables sustained discourse. Ideas become ingenious innovation ideas only thanks to different perspectives.

Channel for Ideas

Your employees have the opportunity to share an innovation idea in any situation via their terminal. We have found that the best ideas arise outside of day-to-day business.

Open Innovation

With the help of supporting platforms, you can integrate customers and suppliers into your innovation process. Isolated innovation usually lacks market relevance.

Measuring Successes

Analytics running in the background show you the activity on the platform and illustrate the increase in your innovative strength in black and white. Recorded successes encourage further participation.

The challenge of digitization in companies is not technology,

but the acceptance of the workforce.

Andreas Knauer | Data One

HYPE Innovation

Pursuing innovations and trends is an important factor for the success of modern companies. HYPE Innovation accompanies this task with the provision of a comprehensive innovation software, while Data One supports with individual communication campaigns and change management measures so that the new innovation process will be lived by the organization with pleasure. In this way, HYPE Innovation and Data One jointly create enthusiasm for a well-established digital idea and innovation process in your business. And the best part of the solution: you can profitably establish holistic innovation management without the intervention of an internal innovation department.

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Digital innovation management

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You can also benefit from individual design thinking and creative workshops as well as challenges and idea campaigns. Open innovation analyses and co-creation with external parties can be supplemented at any time, depending on your particular situation.

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