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Threatened by the Invisible

Security Strategies for your Microsoft 365 Environment

Leverage proven Microsoft Security products and benefit from their seamless integration with the trusted Microsoft 365 portfolio. With our comprehensive, on-demand security solution, you get the peace of mind that comes with the best of both worlds – the compelling power of Microsoft 365 and the first-grade, custom-fit protection provided by Microsoft Security.

Our comprehensive security solution provides reliable protection and maximum efficiency for your business. From secure identity management and protection against malware and phishing to data classification and encryption, Microsoft 365 Security provides holistic security for your digital environment. Take your business to the next level of security and position yourself securely for the digital future with Microsoft 365 Security!

Security Strategy
Our security experts analyze your business needs and objectives to derive a customized security strategy tailored to your organization’s specific needs.
Seamless Integration with Microsoft 365
We support you in the smooth implementation and integration of Microsoft 365 Security features into your existing IT infrastructure to ensure an optimal configuration of your security features.
Training and

We want to work with you to create a new cybersecurity culture. Targeted training and awareness-raising measures support the establishment of sustainable security awareness in your workforce.


As your trusted IT advisor, we keep you up to date on current security trends and developments. We ensure that your security strategy is continuously developed to meet the ever-changing threats.

M365 Security
Robust Security Strategies

Threat Protection

Protect your business with Microsoft 365 Security – a comprehensive solution to proactively protect against relevant cyber threats. Our advanced anti-malware and anti-phishing technologies, combined with real-time analytics, keep you safe from zero-day attacks, ensuring your data is completely secure. Maximize your security with additional features that span identities and information across the Microsoft 365 world. Focus on your core business while we ensure the security of your digital work environment.

Information Protection

Protect sensitive information in your Microsoft 365 environment with our comprehensive Information Protection solution. Powerful features like Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Classification, and Microsoft Information Protection keep you in complete control of your data. Our advanced solutions enable you to identify, classify and encrypt highly sensitive information to prevent unwanted disclosures and maintain the precious security of your data.


Identity and Access Management

Microsoft’s breakthrough security capabilities set new standards: from robust Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to intelligent Conditional Access, Microsoft delivers world-class identity management. Work worry-free and seamlessly with our advanced security mechanisms that ensure only authorized individuals have access to your valuable corporate data.

Secure Score

Your Security Status at a Glance

Currently, many companies have something in common regarding to the growing threat of cyber attacks: uncertainty about their security status. How secure is my Microsoft 365 environment? What measures can I take to minimize security risks? This is where the Microsoft Secure Score comes in. With detailed reports on your company’s individual security situation, it provides transparent insight into your own strengths and weaknesses. With the help of a customized roadmap and very granular recommendations for action, you can prioritize exactly what to optimize first to improve your security standards.

By using the Secure Score, you benefit from an improved security posture through targeted remediation of vulnerabilities and can protect your sensitive data better in the future. Furthermore, by avoiding security incidents you can also save costs in the long run and minimize the workload. Our Data One Security Experts will be happy to provide you with comprehensive support – from determining your individual Secure Score and defining a roadmap to implementing it in your Microsoft 365 environment.

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Secure Score

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