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Next Generation Business Intelligence

You can provide your employees with business intelligence without complexity and at low cost with Microsoft Power BI. With the help of detailed dashboards and the easy import of data from solutions such as marketing or Google Analytics, you can monitor your business and get quick answers on any device via interactive visualization.

Microsoft Power BI enables you to share dashboards and reports with anyone, from anywhere, with the Power BI app. Notifications also inform you of any changes to your data, so you can work with your team to take immediate action. Insights can be shared with the team through popular Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Teams and Excel, making it easy to integrate your day-to-day work. Intuitive usability, numerous evaluation and visualization options and independence thanks to a cloud-based platform also help to make decisions much easier.
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Overview of Microsoft Power BI

See how easy it is to update data, create a report, or customize a dashboard in Microsoft Power BI.

Business Intelligence

Understand Big Data: Business Intelligence Must Be Simple

Companies are currently undergoing many profound changes when it comes to dealing with their big data stocks. Both the amount of data available and the speed at which we produce new data are growing at tremendous speed. This development has a fundamental impact on existing corporate structures. The further the digital transformation progresses, the more the business models and processes depend on data and a predictive analysis of all available information. Therefore, one of the great business-critical challenges of our time is to make business intelligence (BI) accessible to our own employees as easily and cost-effectively as possible. This is where Microsoft provides next-generation BI solutions.

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Business Intelligence with Power: Microsoft Power BI

All relevant information with just a few clicks and at a glance: this is what the analysis of company data should ideally look like. Microsoft’s business intelligence solution precisely fulfills these requirements with its adaptive analytics capabilities and detailed dashboards. The import of data takes place from all relevant company applications and takes into account key figures, for example, from marketing, from sales channels such as the web and mobile or from the ERP systems of a company.

Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Solution provides:

100% Flexibility

Adaptable BI Platform: Grow with Success

The seamless integration of established applications such as Office 365 or SharePoint guarantees smooth and compatible exchange of all relevant document formats.

As a central analysis platform, Microsoft Power BI also combines tools such as Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View or even Power Map into a single, intuitive application. In addition to its pronounced interoperability, Microsoft’s cloud-based business intelligence platform is characterized above all by its high scalability – an important prerequisite for being able to grow with the technical and economic development of a company. Power BI combines business analytics and smart data management to form a single, powerful solution that enables companies to stay on top of the biggest big data jungle.