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The core business of the medium-sized Packservice PS Marketing GmbH is co-packing. Display, folding boxes, stands and assortment cartons are set up, fitted, labeled, assembled, sorted, packaged and unpacked. Every year, more than 930,000 displays, 7.2 million sleeves, 9.7 million shrinks, 5.5 million assortment boxes, 8.6 million merchandise packages & containers and 850,000 flow packs leave the halls of PS Marketing GmbH.

«With Microsoft Azure, we were able to increase both the performance and availability of our IT services substantially.

Total outages are therefore a thing of the past.»

René Seider | Packservice

Microsoft Azure at Packservice

Overview of the Project

Regardless of whether a long-standing company or a newly founded start-up, whether a group or a medium-sized company, the IT landscape is the foundation of modern companies. In times of digitization and changing business processes, this is truer than ever. To ensure that the IT infrastructure fit optimally to the Packservice Group, the existing IT was first analyzed in a workshop. The IT audit carried out was then able to lay the basis for the “Packservice 4.0” project.
With Microsoft Azure, Packservice was able to significantly increase the availability of IT services and add a very important part to its backup concept with ASR. In addition, the Operation Management Suite from Azure introduced a comprehensive monitoring system to keep an eye on real-time systems. Conclusion: The targeted use of selected Azure tools is a successful addition to the previous on-premise world.

Packservice modernized its IT infrastructure with Microsoft Azure and benefits from rapid adaptation to changing requirements.

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