Microsoft Office 365 for kohlpharma

More Flexibility in Collaboration & Communication

Flexibility in Home Office for kohlpharma thanks to Microsoft 365

This is how Collaboration of the Future Works


Email, chat, online meetings or video telephony: kohlpharma has a whole range of different tools for fast and interactive communication with Microsoft Teams.


Regardless of whether in the office, at home or on the go, kohlpharma employees can always access all important information and work flexibly with their co-workers with Office 365, no matter from which location.

High Degree of Data Security

The cloud solution protects business communications as well as confidential data and simplifies internal and regulatory compliance. Integrated anti-virus and anti-spam protection also provides active protection.


Thanks to a short implementation time, the cloud solution enabled the pharmaceutical company to react quickly to the coronavirus crisis and to continue its business operations smoothly.


kohlpharma is a family-run, medium-sized company in Merzig, Saarland, with 730 employees. Forty years after its founding, the pharmaceutical company recorded sales of EUR 660 million, making it one of the largest importers of patent-protected and prescription drugs in Europe and an undisputed market leader in Germany.

«Teams provide the opportunity to freely choose the place of work if the tasks of the employees are suitable for this.

However, teams also provide the impetus to bring digitization further forward and consequently also the opportunity to redesign processes.»

Johannes Reinert | kohlpharma

Microsoft Office 365 for kohlpharma

Overview of the Project

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic presented companies with unprecedented challenges. It was important for kohlpharma to react quickly in this situation to the changing conditions and to be able to continue its business operations smoothly without spending much time on a complex infrastructure.
Above all, a uniform communication platform was to be implemented to ensure communication and teamwork regardless of location, so that the work of kohlpharma employees from home office is possible without restrictions for business operations. By introducing Teams and Exchange Online, kohlpharma GmbH ensures long-term communication between employees. The communication platform had been conventionally set up on OnPremise previously, which meant that the acute requirements arising from the COVID-19 crisis could not be covered.
With the rapid rollout of the Microsoft Office 365 E1 licenses, all employees can now work safely from home. In this case, the pharmaceutical company was able to benefit from Microsoft’s free license offer. The licensing partner of kohlpharma recommended Data One as an implementation partner on site.
The good collaboration between kohlpharma, Microsoft and Data One was mentioned by Microsoft as one of the decisive factors for the rapid implementation of the project.
Even after the end of the trial period, kohlpharma will continue to bet on Teams.
Processes have already been adapted to the new communication possibilities, and productivity has been increased in some areas.

Thanks to Microsoft Office 365, kohlpharma benefits from a fast implementation and fully coordinated tools for seamless collaboration and communication, whether from home, office or on the go.