Office 365 at KIS Soft

Professional Infrastructure for Modern Collaboration

Modern Workplace thanks to Microsoft Office 365

KIS-Soft relies on State-of-the-Art Tools for Efficient Collaboration

Professional IT

KIS Soft saves valuable time and costs with the cloud model, since it no longer requires resources for its own complex IT infrastructure.

Smart Collaboration

KIS Soft values Microsoft Office 365 as a modern platform for collaboration. In addition to setting up Share-Point Online and One Drive for Business, Skype for Business complements external communication.

Live In Record Time

The rapid implementation of Microsoft Office 365 enabled KIS Soft to create a professional working environment and start business operations in record time.

Unified Platform

KIS Soft has a unified platform for optimized team collaboration with Office 365. The intuitive usability and the look & feel also support quick adaptation by the users.

KIS Soft
KIS Soft

KIS Soft GmbH is a company based in Saarbrücken in the field of IT consulting services. When it was founded, it was important for the company, which currently consists of five people, to quickly have a common technological basis for cooperation in order to be able to start business operations.

«We were faced with the decision to create our own IT infrastructure in-house or to use Microsoft's cloud offering. Office 365 was unbeatable in several respects. Today, we work as a small company with a professional working environment, which is usually only found in larger companies.»
Rudolf Thieser | KIS Soft

KIS Soft got off to a Great Start with Microsoft Office 365

Overview of the Project

It was important for KIS when it was founded to quickly have a common technological basis for collaboration to be able to start business operations. A professional email infrastructure, common data storage as well as the possibility of informal communication were the central requirements. When the company selected Microsoft Office 365, the decisive factors were above all the uniform platform and the transparent pricing model with rapid implementation.
In addition to the most familiar Office package, Microsoft Office 365 provides users with numerous other productivity tools for modern communication and project work in the company. Thanks to the use of Microsoft Cloud, small companies in particular, such as KIS Soft with distributed teams, can access their infrastructure flexibly from anywhere without the need for their own IT department. In addition to Office 365 Business Premium, Share-Point Online and One Drive for Business have also been set up for KIS Soft, which support document management. Skype for Business rounds out communication to the outside world.

Microsoft Office 365 enabled KIS Soft to quickly build a common technological basis for collaboration. Business operations could be started within one day.