Microsoft Office 365 at the Fire Department

Less Bureaucracy – More Collaboration

Less Bureaucracy thanks to Microsoft Office 365

Easy, Convenient Cooperation with the Saarbrücken Volunteer Fire Department

Top-Rate Collaboration

With nearly 750 volunteers in various fields, the right coordination is a major challenge. Collaboration across teams is ensured by a unified platform.

Fast Communication

In the event of an emergency, fast communication, transparency, and efficient collaboration count – Microsoft Office 365 significantly accelerates and unifies processes.

Less Bureaucracy

Central data storage and uniform communication provide all employees with the necessary knowledge for voluntary work in an unbureaucratic and uncomplicated manner.

Central IT Infrastructure

Microsoft Office 365 replaces numerous stand-alone solutions at the fire department association and provides a uniform and centrally controlled IT infrastructure without a great deal of administration effort.

Fire Department
A total of 750 women and men of the voluntary fire department of Saarbrücken ensure fire protection and provide quick and competent help. The emergency services are voluntary – around the clock, 365 days a year.
«We considered it important to provide our managers with tools that can be used as conveniently as possible and with which they can work together easily, quickly and safely in projects or departments.

With a specially tailored offer from Microsoft for the public sector, we were able to realize a project environment with which we could get started within a short time.»

Tony Bender | Freiwillige Feuerwehr Saarbrücken

Microsoft Office 365 at the Voluntary Fire Department

Overview of the Project

The fire department association of the voluntary fire department of Saarbrücken relied in the past on a mix of different communication tools to organize collaboration between volunteers. Private email accounts, Dropbox and WhatsApp dominated communication, but they could not meet the requirements of a centrally controlled infrastructure. In order for the almost 750 volunteers to be able to concentrate fully on their deployment, the fire department association relied on Microsoft Office 365 and especially SharePoint Online with the aim of ensuring fast, easy and secure collaboration across departments.
Microsoft Office 365 provides special implementation options tailored to non-profit organizations and integrates modern communication and productivity tools. Office 365 replaces numerous stand-alone solutions for the fire department association while ensuring a lean and uniform IT infrastructure at the same time. Documents can now be provided centrally on SharePoint, the email ping pong has been reduced and information is available to all helpers at any time and from any location.

With Microsoft Office 365, the Saarbrücken voluntary fire department association has a unified communication platform at its disposal that sustainably improves interdisciplinary collaboration between the voluntary rescue services.