Microsoft SharePoint

Intranet of the Next Generation

Intelligent Intranet with Microsoft SharePoint

Increase Productivity and ensure efficient, cross-team Collaboration

Seamless Collaboration in One System
You can store, share, and collaborate on files, data, and resources conveniently and centrally from anywhere with SharePoint. Dynamic team websites also support productivity and ensure efficient collaboration.
Easy Exchange of Information for All
Modern communication channels and simple sharing of resources facilitate the exchange of information within the company. Thanks to the smart intranet based on SharePoint, you can connect your team and create synergies.
Efficient Use of Knowledge & Resources at a Glance
Quickly find the right experts in the company and stay up-to-date. SharePoint supplies relevant information quickly thanks to an intelligent search and makes it easier to find websites, files and contacts while always remaining compliant.
Increased Productivity thanks to Digital Processes
SharePoint pages and the Microsoft Power Platform let you work in a productive environment from simple messages to complex business processes. Digital processes, smart forms and individual workflows simplify daily work and automate routine tasks.
Data One and Microsoft help us to stay one step ahead
of ever-increasing market demands, both with our internal processes and with our products.
Nicole Meinholz | IMC