Microsoft Office 365 at School

WWGSK focuses on Barrier-Free Collaboration & Individual Learning

WWGSK: Students & Teachers work Seamlessly Together thanks to Microsoft Office 365

This is how Individual Learning works in Schools

Central Database &
Standardized Processes

Processing documents together and exchanging files flexibly and quickly is important to students and teachers alike and is realized thanks to a uniform database on a central platform and standardized formats.

Digital Learning &

Digital learning content and performance-specific funding opportunities, accompanied by a “bring-your-own-device” strategy enable students to learn individually using modern media.


From email communication with Outlook to document management on Share-Point, Office 365 convinces WWGSK every day with intuitive and integrated collaboration options.


The school community has a powerful system with Microsoft Office 365 that can be accessed at any time. The flexible cloud model does not require its own servers either, and administration and operation are time and cost-effective.


The Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Gymnasium und Saarland Kolleg in Saarbrücken focus on digitization in everyday school life. Students learn to understand and use digital technology in a targeted manner in the classroom through the use of a wide variety of media and a learning platform.

«The developed digital strategy enables the provision of performance-specific learning materials and consequently individual support.

It is hoped that dealing with media will support students in their choice of studies and prepare them for later professional life.»


Microsoft Office 365 for Schools at the WWGSK

Overview of the Project

WWGSK was looking for a digital strategy with a modern e-Learning concept, which especially supports the organization and communication in everyday school life. Course materials, learning opportunities and school information are to be made available bundled on a central platform and collaboration between students and teachers optimized. WWGSK opted for different usage scenarios in Microsoft Office 365, which were gradually developed by Data One and implemented through accompanying training courses. Email communication was established for the entire school community, and Share-Point was established as a central platform for document and knowledge management.
Office 365 for educational institutions provides WWGSK with a communication platform that facilitates the organization and communication of appointments, exams and lesson plans and enables joint work on documents. Individual learning is promoted for students as well as the early use of digital media and platforms. The teaching staff has access to a calendar, a document repository and an archive via the intranet. Work and project rooms, course calendars and teaching materials are available for students. WWGSK was able to successfully establish the strategy of digital learning in everyday school life with the help of innovative cloud technology, a customized training concept and sophisticated change management.

WWGSK Saarbrücken relies on Microsoft Office 365 for schools for seamless cooperation between students and teachers, optimized communication and individual learning.

teacher in interview
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Michael Korb about Microsoft Office 365 for Schools

Michael Korb accompanies the digitalization process at WWGSK as a teacher and talks exclusively in an interview with us about the experiences in dealing with new technologies, opportunities and challenges.